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2012 Weedman National Family Gathering

August 17 ~ 19, 2012

Rough River State Park, Kentucky


The 2012 Weedman National Family Gathering was held from August 17 through August 19 at the Rough River State Park in Grayson County Kentucky and at the farm residence of Sherry and Myron Weedman in Caneyville, Kentucky. Hosts for the event were Shirley and Cliff Weedman along with Cliff’s brother, David Weedman. Sherry and Myron hosted the events on Saturday.


Friday was a travel day and when participants arrived at the Lodge at the Rough River State Park, a hospitality room was there to welcome everyone. Cliff and Shirley operate a bakery in Eighty-Eight, Kentucky and displayed some of their outstanding products for consumption by reunion participants.


Participants included Col. (USAF, retired) Jim Weedman and his son Dr. Doug Weedman of La Vista, Nebraska; Billie Lou Weedman Bruce of West Lafayette, Indiana; Betty Myers Yahn and Gene Yahn of Aurora, Colorado; Carolyn Frosco, Janet Martin, Barbara Dicks, and Kathy Crabtree (four sisters) from Oklahoma; Sharon Bryden of Springfield, IL; David Weedman of Louisville, KY, Cliff and Shirley Weedman of Eighty Eight Kentucky with their two children Jarrad and Hannah; and, Merrie Carol and Nick Weedman, Flat Rock, North Carolina.


On Saturday morning, the group motored to the Myron Weedman farm in Caneyville to find a very large group of local Weedman family members in attendance. Annually, a Weedman family reunion is held here and having the two groups merge was an outstanding idea.


Food had been prepared by all of the Kentucky participants and one thing we reaffirmed was that the Weedman women (and men!) are outstanding cooks. We wish we had pictures of the spread because words are inadequate to describe the variety and quality of the lunch. A whole hog had been barbequed and there were so many dishes available that all were fully sated.


The farm is directly across the road from the Sy Hughes Cemetery where several family members are laid to rest. A tractor pulled a hay wagon filled with participants to visit the burial site. Later in the afternoon, family musicians played a concert for participants.


The event at the Weedman farm was truly outstanding and highly enjoyable!


Another smaller group went to visit a grave site where some of us had visited at the 1996 Reunion that was held at Bardstown, Kentucky. At that site, the great grandfather of the late Gena Theiss, was buried and we wondered if anyone still knew where it was. Jerry Weedman lead a group to visit the site and a report of that visit is in the next article.


The final activity on Saturday was a boat tour of the lake and river at Rough River State Park. There was a lot of water activity on the lake and the tour was beautiful and informative. The captain allowed all of the kids to take turns piloting the boat and that was surely a highlight for them! Their facial expressions told the whole story as each drove the boat!


The Reunion was highly enjoyable and a successful event. Our appreciation goes out to Shirley, Cliff and David Weedman for all of the fine efforts and time spent organizing the event. And, a special thanks to Myron and Sherry Weedman for allowing the two Reunions to be combined. The opportunity to meet so many of the Kentucky cousins was truly a highlight and provided a memorable occasion!


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