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Ship Anderson

August 1750


Passenger List


(This is being put on the Weedman Family Web Site in an effort to try to learn where our ancestor, Christian Weedman, Senior (aka Christian Widmann) originated. We believe that he is likely to be accompanying family or friends on this ship. If we can determine where most of these passengers lived prior to immigrating, we may be able to get a clue where to look. Further, we will try to determine if the passengers were all Palatine immigrants or were a mixture backgrounds.  


We will list the immigrant and, as we make contact with other researchers, the origin of the passenger as well as where they lived after arriving in Philadelphia. Passengers marked (*) are those who we have found to have genealogical researchers working on the line).  

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List 151 C. At the Courthouse at Philadelphia, Tuesday, 21st August 1750.



Present: Thomas Lawrence, Esquire, Mayor.

The Foreigners whose names are underwritten, imported in the ship Anderson, Captain Hugh Campbell, from Rotterdam and Cowes in England, did this day take and subscribe ye usual oaths. 91 p. List, 45, 6 [women & children].

  Passenger Name (those in bold with an asterisk have notes below) 

Ackermann, Jacob (*)  Heillman, Jacob  (*) Reinfeld, Henry

Auer, Gorg Deobalt

Heintze, Peter Reinhart, Johann Martinus
Batz, Johann Peter   Horn, Johannes Henrich Reinstein, Henrich Anthon
Bearrer, Jacob (B)   Horst, Ludwig Rick, Johann Christ
Beck, Johan (HB)   Houser, Conrad  

Riebchler, Jurg  

Becker, John Peter (H (*))   Huber, Johann Jacob   Ritter, Johann Ludwig
Benner, Johan Philip   Huber, Johann Michel   Roter, Jacob  
Betz, Christian   Jung, Johannes Peder   Ruff, Johan Conrat  
Biel, Johannes Lutwig (*)  Kawffman, Christian   Schaurer, Johanes
Biel, Johannes Wilhelm (*)  

Krieger, Hans Jerg

Schmidt, Joahnn Theis  

Birkenbeyly, Gerhart   Ladtey, Samuell   Schmith, Johann Baltzer  

Blaser, Johannes Jacob

Lentz, Johann Christophel Schneider, Johann Henrich  
Bop (Pop), Philip (B)   Lentz, Johannes Schneyder, Johann Jorg  
Bop, Johann Jacob   Leuthold, Heinrich   Schuster, Johannes Henrich  

Britzius, Johann Wilhelm

Lyme, Jacob (H)   Scwartzhaubt, Johannes  
Bruner, Melchior   Maitlin, Vallentin (H)   Shaade, Andereas  
Buttner, Gottfriedt   Marquardt, Johannes  

Shmit, Johanes  

Cuntz, Johann Henrich   Mauder, Jo. Friedrich   Steiner, Christoff  

Dengler, Jacob

Metz, Christof  

Sturm, Johan Christian (*)  
Derr, Conrad   Miller, Christoph (M)   Sturm, Johann Jacob (*)  
Dups, Oswald   Miller, Johan   Wagenmann, Michel
Ellscheid, Conrad (*)  Miller, Johann Georg   Weger, Mardin  
Fick, Johann Henrich   Moll, Johann Phillips  

Weis, Johann Peter  

Friebele, Urban   Murschler, Jonas Weymer, Matheas  

Fuhr, Gerhardt

Naumann, Johann (*)   Widman, Christian (*)  
Gonderman, Johannes (*)   Naumann, Johann Gottlieb (*)   Zebolt, Lenhart
Gonderman, Johannes Engel (*)   Rambach, Johan Phillib  
Hachenburger, Reinhart   Rath, Hans Jorg
Hauck, Lorentz

Reichmann, Johann Georg  

Hebel, Johannes (*) Reinert, Johann Daniel (*)

Note: There are three known arrivals for the ship, Anderson, on the following dates:  

Passenger Notes

 Jacob Ackermann. Lives in New Jersey following immigration. Marianne Montgomery researched his line and found several generations of Ackermanns in that state.

Johannes Peter Becker, son of Hans and Anna Barbara Becker, citizens of Soultzbach. Born 31 May 1733. Found mentioned in the Trinity Luthern Church Kirke Bok (church book?), "Peter Becker from Langen, Soultzbach married 22 April 1760, Susanna Margaret Sweivkart".

 Johannes Ludwig Beil and Johannes Wilhelm Beil originated in Seelbach, Prussia that was part of Germany. Traveled with The Gunderman (Gonterman) family and had at least one intermarriage. Lived in Sussex Co., NJ after arriving in the U.S.

Conrad Ellscheid, born 1708 in Neiderhonnefeld, baptized Oberhonnefeld-Gierand, Rhineland, Pruessen (near Neuweid, Koblenz State). His wife
was also onboard but not named in the passenger list.

 Johannes Gonderman and Johannes Engle Gonderman originated in Seelbach, Prussia and lived in Newton, Sussex Co., NJ after arriving in the U.S. Family moved to Olde Town, MD for about 10 years and then to Hart Co., KY.

Johannes Hebel, Langensoultzbach Lutheran KB records show Johannes Hebel, former coachman in Strassberg Shirmer and day laborer here, married 18 February 1738 Anna Elizsabetha, daughter of Johannes Martin Karst and wife Anna Margaretha nee Jung. That couple had the following children: Johann Heinrich Hebel, b. 14 Apr 1740; Salomon, b. 23 Sept 1742; Johannes, b. 1 May 1756, died 1746; Johann Georg, b. 22 Jan 1747 and Johann Friedrich, b. 15 June 1748. The father's signature on the KB is an exact match of his signature on the Anderson. Perhaps the same family is found in the 1790 Lancaster Co., PA census which shows 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, and 4 females although this could be a second generation.

Jacob Heilman, born 1709 in Alsace-Lorrain, married in France, died in Pennsylvania in 1790 at age of 91.

Hans Kreiger, married on 4 December 1694 in Felbach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg to Magdalena Boekkeles. Their son, Hans Michael Kreiger, was born in 1695 and died in Lancaster Co., PA in 1763.

Christian Widman(n) (aka Christian Weedman, Senior), born ca 1734, place unknown. Residence prior to immigration unknown. First known residence following immigration was in Hampshire Co., VA in 1762 (residence from 1750 through 1761 is unknown) and then Fayette Co., PA from 1765 1799. Lived in Fairfield and Perry Co., OH from early 1800s until his death in 1811 in what is now Perry Co., OH.

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